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Salisbury Plain

A liaison meeting with MoD attended by LARA created a direct contact to the manager of Salisbury Plain Training Area and an opportunity to offer treadlightly! volunteers. This has turned into a major project led by Dale Wyatt. Partnership working between MoD, Wiltshire and MoD will be used to waymark the Plain and carry out some rationalisation which includes dedication on new Rights of Way to replace dead ends or incorrect entries on the DM.

The plan is for small teams of our volunteers to agree waymarking positions then carry out the work using our vehicles and trailers with material supplied by Ministry of Defence and Wiltshire CC.

Demonstrating how agreement between the parties involved and then dedication can overcome Definitive Map problems and avoid the complex legal processes that inevitably lead to Public Inquiries (and Restricted Byways) will be a big step forward that we hope can be replicated elsewhere.

First Joint Operation: Waymarking

Wednesday 15th June saw the kick off of the way marking project on Salisbury Plain in co-operation with the MOD and Wiltshire County Council. It has been a vision of Lt Col Nigel Linge for the last few years and he joined us for the first day. WCC supplied a tracked auger for drilling the holes, Dale Wyatt and Paul Woodward the man power, whilst one of the Land Wardens checked for cables/pipes/ordinance. We planted nine finger posts and reckon we can get as many as 15 planted in a day now that we know how the team works together. We plan to do a day a month, and the project will be on-going over the next few years.

Second Joint Operation: Education/Enforcement

On 26th June Treadlightly! were invited by the MOD Police to join them on an operation targeting illegal vehicular use on Salisbury Plain. It started with a briefing at Westdown Camp where non local MOD Police were teamed up with those familiar with the Plain. It was an opportunity for a short presentation about TL! before everyone was told the format of the day. The plan was to stop all vehicular users (legal or otherwise) and do spot checks. Users in the East of the Plain would then be directed to treadlightly! for a chat on responsible use of the green roads and other areas in which they are allowed to drive.

We were set up in a sheltered barn and although a quiet day, we spoke to eight parties, mainly motorcycle users. With the exception of two groups, all were responsible users who knew where they were allowed to ride and drive.

Two bikes were stopped on a footpath, which although ridden in error, the leader was charging for taking his customer out, so he should have known better and researched his routes to ensure they were in the correct places.

The other two riders were caught with two non road legal scramblers in the back of a van. Fortunately they hadn’t got them out, so they managed to escape a fine. They were very pleasant and seemed genuinely unaware that they weren’t allowed to ride anywhere on the Plain! We pointed out the Rights of Way network and the knowledge base of the TRF, and they went away promising to MOT their bikes. Hopefully this is a turning point for them becoming responsible riders.

Further operations are planned in the future. Those caught with vehicles not registered for the road will find them confiscated and could end up crushed. Simple as that.

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