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Treadlightly Volunteers Waymark Four Powys Byways

    A group of Treadlightly volunteers have erected a number of posts and installed Waymark signs along four byways in Mid Wales.

    The volunteers who are all 4×4 enthusiasts spent a day improving the waymarking of the four routes in Radnorshire to encourage users to stay on the correct track.

    The project was undertaken in partnership with Powys County Council and supported by The Countryside Council for Wales. It is the second such project in Powys this year and a number of others are scheduled through the summer.

    The signs have been installed to inform all users that the routes are multi user and also to discourage motorised users from straying off the track

    Treadlightly is a registered charity which sets out to protect motorised recreational access opportunities through education, partnership working, and conservation initiatives. More information can be found at www.treadlightly.org.uk where volunteers can sign up to help with future repair, maintenance and waymarking projects.

    Powys CC Senior Rights of Way & Access Officer, Mark Stafford-Tolley commented: ‘this is an excellent example of how a Rights of Way department can work in partnership with volunteers to improve the network and educate users’.

    Treadlightly Chairman Duncan Green said: ‘this project demonstrates the benefit that volunteers can bring to local authorities and we look forward to working with Powys and other authorities through the summer to complete similar projects’.

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