treadlightly! is active in England and Wales with the aim of protecting and improving the Green lane network using a variety of initiatives, including working closely with Countryside Officers in setting up voluntary repair and way-marking projects.

In order to meet our objectives we need to maintain a database of Volunteers who would be willing to get involved in Voluntary repair, maintenance, and way-marking projects which will generally be held over weekends.

We invite you to register as a treadlightly! volunteer – there is no cost or obligation, but hopefully, as and when projects get set up in your area then maybe you will be able to come along for a few hours to help out.

You are probably aware that we have lost around 50% of Green lanes in recent years due to the CROW and NERC Acts and a number of the others are under threat.
This is your opportunity to help to reverse that trend – please seriously consider helping out.  If  you have friends or other members of your family who may be interested ask them to volunteer too. .

All you need to do is send your details to info@treadlightly-uk.org.

Email/Name/Address/Post Code/Phone.

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